🥇📢 Can you guess what improves your self-esteem, your body image and your perception of being fit?

🏋️♀️ It's working! 💯

InvestigadoresThe researchers found that people who reported being physically active scored higher on ALL of those markers, according to a study published in the journal Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment.

Adults who worked at a university participated in the study and tracked the relationship between how active they were with their feelings about their self-esteem and their feelings about their body.

🤸♀️🏃♂️ Interesting, right? You have probably already heard that exercise helps release hormones to feel good, like endorphins, but this goes one step further by including body image and self-esteem in general!

A Takeaway: In addition to all of its other amazing health-promoting benefits, exercising can also help boost your confidence and body image!


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