Myth vs. Fact


🤔You should skip your pre-workout stretches because now scientists say it might interfere with your performance.






🔥FACT 🔥!

💪We used to believe that stretching before your workout was a big part of avoiding injury, but it turns out it’s actually NOT.

👉Researchers believe that stretching before a workout can tire out your muscles before you get to the part where you’re actually doing work!

💡Instead it’s a good idea to warm up before you work out by doing “big” dynamic movements that mimic what’s going to happen you in your workout.

This can include brisk walking, calisthenics, movements like lunges, arm circles, and leg swings.

👍THE TAKEAWAY:Stretch your body’s major muscle groups AFTER your workout when your muscles are warm, or at another point during the day, at least 2-3x a week.

👟Is a dynamic warm-up already part of your workout prep?! Let me know below ...


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