🤔Writing your goals down is an important part of the goal-setting setting process.







🔥FACT 🔥!

💡It’s tempting to believe that simply thinking about your goal (“keeping it in mind”) is effective.

📔✏And while it’s definitely helpful to THINK about your goal, actually writing it down takes it to the next level.

🧠💭According to self development expert and author Brian Tracy, most of us have about 1,500 thoughts a minute (!!!!). Most of those thoughts overlap, plus they are jumbled, vague, and unfocused.

✌Writing your goals helps give you clarity and motivation to see them through. Rereading and clarifying your goals over time also gives them more power!

🥇Takeaway: It’s worth spending a few minutes thinking about – and then writing down! – your goals! And if you want to boost the power, REREAD your goals every single morning.

❓❓Do you write down your goals or do you keep them in your head?


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